Art Stage promotie presents: Nocny Kochanek


Nocny Kochanek

Nocny Kochanek (Night Lover) is a heavy metal band inspired by the best ones of the genre. The lyrics contain specific sense of humor which is Nocny Kochanek’s hallmark; they’re sometimes abstract and base on pastiche and wordplay. They depict stereotypical polish metalheads, showing in the same time that the band’s members don’t take themselves so seriously. They recorded four albums: „Hewi Metal” (2015, Golden Record >15000), „Zdrajcy Metalu” (2017, Platine Record >30000) and “Randka w Ciemność” (2019, Platine Record >30000) and their latest – “O Jeden Most Za Daleko (2022). According to OLiS (Official Sales Chart in Poland), Nocny Kochanek’s album “O Jeden Most Za Daleko” was the 1st best selling album in Poland for three weeks, after it had been released. The album was on chart for 29 weeks. Title of the latest album – O JEDEN MOST ZA DALEKO is a reference to well known polish quote, which works also in English and its meaning is “one step too far”. Literal translation of polish “o jeden most za daleko” is “one bridge too far” and this is why there is a bride on fire on the cover of the album itself but also of the tour. Phrase „o jeden most za daleko” (one step too far) is being commonly used in Poland, once you had one drink too much last night… Nocny Kochanek sells out concert tickets in the biggest music clubs in Poland (Studio in Krakow, B90 in Gdansk, Progresja in Warsaw, B17 in Poznan, MegaClub in Katowice, A2 in Wroclaw…), out of 359 club shows since 2015, 291 were sold out.r laat horen dat het vuur nog volop brandt.

Het tijdschema wordt in de week van het evenement bekend gemaakt. Concerten in Baroeg zijn rond 23.00 uur afgelopen. Op zondagen is dat uiterlijk 22.00 uur, maar meestal vroeger.