Route in English

Spinozaweg 300 
3076 ET  Rotterdam

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Route in Dutch

You must get onto the A15: the ringway Rotterdam South (Ringweg Rotterdam Zuid). Get off at Zuidplein/Ahoy (19A), go right at the traffic lights and then right again. Now you're on the Spinozaweg. 
Baroeg is located at the right of this road. It's a grey building with graffitti on the back and front. 
Public Transport:
Take a train to NS Lombardijen (station). The road that crosses underneath is the Spinozaweg. It's a 10 minute walk from the station. Do not go in the direction of the square with bus and tram stops, but the other way. There's a small fries-booth on the right side. Just follow the tramway and walk a little further past the big crossroad with a lot of trafficlights. Straight ahead on the left side of the road at the edge of the park is Baroeg. 
You can also reach Baroeg via tram and bus, check