• 30/07/2017
  • CANCELLED: Death By Stereo + Thell Bario + For Blood And Vengeance
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punk / psychobilly, hardcore / metalcore

Here is the official statement of the band:
We are very sorry to announce that we will not be able to make it to Europe for this summer. Due to some health issues Efrem is having we will have to postpone the dates. Not to worry, it is nothing life threatening, but it is something he has to attend to. We are still able to play live but cannot tour for such a long period of time at this moment. Efrem is living with a constant amount of discomfort and has a series of appointments that will be filled with testing and treatment. We won't be able to fly back and fourth from Europe the amount of times we would need to to make this happen. We will have to postpone the dates and will announce the new dates soon. We are trying our best to make up all the dates before the end of the year. We will be back! Thank you to everyone at MAD, all of the promoters, venues, and festivals that have always been so supportive! Most importantly, thank you to all the fans! You are, and always have been family to us! Please understand, Efrem just needs to handle this right now and we will be back out partying with you all 100%! Death By Stereo can't be stopped! This scene can't be stopped! We are all NEVERENDING! DEATH FOR LIFE!

Sinds 1998 levert Death By Stereo uit het Californische Orange County kwaliteitsmuziek af die het best te omschrijven is als melodieuze hardcore punkrock met de nodige heavy metal invloeden. Je hoort raakvlakken met Bad Religion, Bad Brains en Iron Maiden waardoor dit vijftal een opmerkelijke verschijning is binnen de hardcore scene. Een act die je dus niet mag missen.

Het Mexicaanse Thell Barrio mixt metal, hardcore, rap en voegt daar ook nog wat Latijns-Amerikaanse percussie aan toe. Hiermee zag het genre ‘Latin-core’ het licht. De zes gemaskerde gangstas overvallen je met geslepen machetes.

Aan For Blood And Vengeance uit Almere de schone taak om Baroeg op te warmen. Dat is ze met hun knalharde (New York) Hardcore wel toevertrouwd.